The Twin Valley Bank

Fee Schedule

Effective 9/1/12

Cashier’s Check  $6.00
Money Order $4.00
Check Image $1.00 Each
Statement Image $1.00 Each
Account Research $25.00 per hr. (Min. ½ hr) + $1.00 per pg thereafter
Substitute Check $5.00
Check Cashing Fee $6.00 (Non-Customer)
Incoming Wire Transfer $20.00 (Domestic)
Outgoing Wire Transfer $25.00 (Domestic)
International Wire Transfer $40.00 (Incoming/Outgoing)
Foreign ATM Fee * $1.75
Night Deposit Bag $25.00 (With Key)
Night Deposit Bag $5.00 (Without Key)
Fax Service $1- 1st pg/.50 each add. pg.
Stop Payment $32.00
Returned Deposited Item $7.00
Overdraft/NSF/Bounce Fee ** <$10 = No Charge

$10.01 to $40 = $15 Charge

$40.01 and up = $32.00 Charge

Free Services for Customers:  Phone Transfers, Counter Checks, Notary Services, Instant Statements Prints.

*Other ATM transaction fees may apply at non-Twin Valley Bank ATMs.

**Overdraft/NSF/Bounce fees apply to overdrafts created by check, In-person withdrawal, ATM withdrawal, or other electronic means as applicable. Fees may also be assessed due to exceeding optional Bounce Protection or Ready Reserve limits.


See our Twin Valley Bank Representative for more details.

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